Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Splitting flat file message

Hello again,

After a long time, almost after a year.

In this blog, I will share with you some of my findings while handling Flat File Schema.

Whenever any message goes through the receive pipeline, Disassembler gets executed. This is the second step in pipeline execution. In case of XML disassembler, it can split the incoming message, based on envelope property and XPath. But flat file disassembler do not provide any of such feature.

So, how we can split the incoming bunch of data in a flat file.

The answer is very simple. Do follow below steps to split the incoming flat file.

1) Create input flat file schema. I have created the schema like below:

2) Go to Properties of schema. Set the property "Allow Message Breakup At Infix" to "Yes".

3) Create a new Receive Pipeline -- I named it "receiveFFBunch".

4) Set the "Document Schema" property of the flat file disassembler with the proper incoming schema.

Thats, all we need to do. Now go ahead and deply the poject and test it.

I tried with sample input file as below:

For above mentioned input, I received three output files as below:

That's it.. :-)

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